Why are Pivotal Camps better than university camps?

As kids, the Pivotal staff attended large university camps. Then, we worked at many of them over the years. What we learned is the majority herd mass quantities of players through the camp like sheep in order to capitalize on the income from school recognition. This comes at the expense of campers receiving proper personal attention. They bring in 10-12 campers for every one coach. They routinely hire any local coaches working for minimum wage, regardless of experience level or coaching record. Also, it’s not their head coach or even their top assistant coaches doing the teaching. A campers are lucky if the head coach puts in a few appearances.

At Pivotal basketball we staff each of our camps with coaches who are already trained in the Pivotal Methods being taught. They’re true believers in the instruction, and our campers benefit from being trained by the Pivotal network of coaches that specialize in training up only post players. If you want to go to camp at that large university because you want to see their locker room or get an autograph from one of their players, by all means go. But if you’re looking for the highest quality post play instruction, more repetitions, and more personal attention, adjust your course and head toward Pivotal Basketball.