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No Moves Needed


  • Learn the secrets that produced five, 1st Team-All Conference post players in four years!
  • Why the defense is always wrong and how you can capitalize on it.
  • Get the best returns on your time investment with your female posts. Techniques specific for coaching female players to league-leading results.
  • Footage from actual college games showing the Pivotal principles.
  • Learn The 5 Must Have Raw Ingredients of Successful Post Players.
  • Over 25 sections of techniques, essentials, and strategy for post play!

$39.99, Approx. 74 mins. © Pivotal Basketball


6'0", Andi Winney, 18th-ranked in career field goal % and 2010 NCAA tournament participant.

5'10", Christina Harvey, 1st Team All-Conference and 2013 NCAA tournament participant.

Over 25 sections of techniques, essentials, and strategy for post play!

In this video, you will learn how to develop the 5 Must Have Raw Ingredients of Successful Post Players, create drills that get the most return on your investment, and strategy options that get your players open and more points on the board. With footage from actual college games, you will get live game examples of Coach Mueller's strategy and methods working together to create league leading results.

Coach Mueller and team demonstrate:

  • Wrecking Ball
  • One Hand Pass and Catch
  • Shot Fake Mikans
  • Chin and In
  • Traits of a Good Receiver
  • Yoda Moves
  • Pin and Spin
  • Live After Skip
  • Posting Up Guards
  • Sealing Cut Throat
  • Sealing Up
  • Sealing Out
  • Fastbreak Options
  • Top Spots
  • V-Cuts

Plus over 10 more sections of the best post play instruction on the market for your women's program. Approx. 74 mins. © Pivotal Basketball




A sign in the men's basketball locker room at Xavier University reads, "The only good pass......is caught." As a coach who's always valued the teaching of fundamentals in order to limit turnovers, I've never forgotten that sign.

If you want to have a great post presence in your offense, you'll need to teach your team the best methods to pass that ball inside. Feeding the post doesn't need to be difficult. During Coach Mueller's time at Valparaiso University the team had tremendous success with their post game.

Now, in Feeding the Post, he's showing the passing techniques and teaching progression the Crusaders used en route to being ranked 11th nationally in fewest turnovers per game! Replete with teaching points on screen and college game clips to show examples and non-examples, this film is sure to give you a number of drills and techniques to effectively teach your team to pass the ball inside for those high-percentage scoring opportunities you want...and need!

$19.99, Approx. 30 mins. © Pivotal Basketball