Why Pivotal Camps

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It's about the quality of what you know...not the quantity.

Most three and four-day camps cram in so many different techniques that you're unlikely to develop confidence or feel comfortable using any of them. Consequently, emphasizing everything accomplishes nothing. Not so at Pivotal Basketball Camps. We believe that the beauty of an artistic masterpiece is not what goes into it, but what is left out. Truly, less is more. Here, you'll get a lot of repetitions for each technique taught. Techniques you can instantly apply to your game that will create opportunities to score an additional six points per game and get noticed by recruiters.


What separates us from the competition?

Not all instruction is the same. The answer for you is not to pick the newest instruction offered by some current or former NBA post player.

Why not? The NBA game is different. It’s structured to be entertainment. Ever been whistled for “illegal defense” in a high school game? That’s an NBA rule designed to allow for one-on-one play and force the defense to stay spread out on the floor. This means NBA post players can dribble multiple times in their effort to score. When you match up against quality high school and college competition, you’ll face defenses with good help-side principles. This means the other defenders can bother (and trap) the post much more easily.

So how is it possible to increase your scoring opportunities and score more than everyone else? Those are the secrets Coach Mueller learned during his college days back in 2004. Secrets that forever changed his focus from one where his players jacked up "threes," to one where his teams got high percentage shots in the paint, and post play became the 'pivotal' focus to the offense. (No pun intended.)

If you gain nothing else from this site, remember this: Not all trainers are the same.

For Parents

First of all and on behalf of the entire Pivotal Basketball staff, we consider the chance to work with your children a huge privilege, opportunity, and responsibility. We understand you have a choice in where to send your kids. At each camp, we are ever humbled by the trust given us from parents like you in the care and charge of your most beloved. Know that before anyone touches a basketball, safety is our highest priority. We strive to ensure each child's well being is met above all.

Additionally, we not only want to build lasting relationships with your kids, we want to build that same kind of trust with you — a true family friendship that lasts a lifetime, not just till the end a basketball career. That said we consider Pivotal Basketball as something much more than just a camp. We think it's a great investment in your child's future — immediately and beyond basketball. The cornerstone teachings of Pivotal Basketball start with life skills, contributing to your child's success on and off the court. These include: casting a life vision, goal-setting, responsibility, dedication to priorities, and perseverance.

Lastly, Pivotal Methods are progressive; they grow with your child. Please take time to read even a few comments about the Pivotal difference. It could change your child's life.