Why Pivotal?

Because we specialize in one thing and one thing only — post play.

It’s less effective when trainers or camps work with both guards and posts. I believe there are few phrases truer than this: A jack-of-all-trades is master of none. Here at Pivotal Basketball, we don’t dabble in instruction that we haven’t already implemented. We only teach techniques with proven results; instruction with has coached players to success and recognition.

As mentioned above, great post play coaches are a small minority. Back in 2004, legendary basketball coach, Don Meyer, introduced Pivotal Basketball's Christian Mueller to his unique and proven methods of post play success. Coach Meyer was responsible for developing the all-time college scoring leader, John Pierce — a post player who scored more than 4,000 points while at Lipscomb University. When Coach Meyer retired in 2012, he was the all-time wins leader in men’s college basketball coaching history. Drawing from the techniques of the famed coach while he was an assistant and head coach at various colleges, Christian Mueller began adding his own unique teaching methods, while paring away ineffective aspects of post play instruction. The finished product is now the most effective system for teaching post play at all levels.

Since 2004, few coaches have had as much success with post players as Coach Mueller. During his first four years as a college coach he developed five 1st-Team, All-Conference post players. Two of those players signed professional contracts overseas. One was an honorable mention All-American. And still another finished her career ranked 18th in all-time career FG percentage.