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Take your game to the next level and become a dominant post player.

Learn post play from one of the nation's most successful collegiate post coaches, Christian Mueller. Coach Mueller and Pivotal Basketball are committed to bringing the best instruction to passionate and competitive post players just like you. In fact, this video is made for true competitors who are eager to excel.

If you feel like you're sprinting the floor in vain and working hard to maintain your post position — yet see little reward for the effort — you need to work smarter, not harder.

No Moves Needed

No Moves Needed

Coaching Emphasis

  • How to get open
  • How to stay open longer
  • Thinking ahead of the pass
  • Increase scoring average
  • Increase field goal %
  • Improve footwork
  • Minimize turnovers

Only $39.99 Approx. 74 mins.


  • Footage from actual college games showing the Pivotal principles and techniques
  • 6'0" Andi Winney, 18th ranked in career field goal % and 2010 NCAA tournament participant
  • 5'10" Christina Harvey, 1st Team - All Conference player and 2013 NCAA tournament participant

Over 25 effective techniques, essentials, and strategic moves!

In this video, you will learn the 5 Must Have Raw Ingredients of Successful Post Players, drills that get the most return on your investment, and strategy options to get open and score with no moves needed. With footage from actual college games, you will get live game examples of Coach Mueller's strategy and methods working together to create league leading results.

Coach Mueller and team demonstrate:

  • Wrecking Ball
  • One Hand Pass and Catch
  • Shot Fake Mikans
  • Chin and In
  • Traits of a Good Receiver
  • Yoda Moves
  • Pin and Spin
  • Live After Skip
  • Posting Up Guards
  • Sealing Cut Throat
  • Sealing Up
  • Sealing Out
  • Fastbreak Options
  • Top Spots
  • V-Cuts

Plus over 10 more sections of the best post play instruction on the market for women's programs.

Only $39.99 Approx. 74 mins.