The only silly questions are those not asked.

Why should I use Pivotal Basketball for post play instruction?

There is a virtual absence of basketball instruction dedicated to post play. Pivotal Basketball is one of the select few institutions with a sole focus on post play taught by college coaches whose players have continually garnered acclaim for their success.

Do I have to be tall to be a competitive post player?

No. When the Chicago Bulls needed to score during their championship reign, they brought their forward and center out to the perimeter and posted up Michael Jordan. Why post up MJ? Often, guards make great finishers inside because of their footwork and touch. Six NBA championships later we know with certainly it worked for the Bulls. A dominant post player, regardless of size, can make all the difference. Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K.) did the same thing to get key baskets against Butler in the 2010 NCAA championship, dropping guard, Kyle Singler, into the post!

Do all Pivotal Basketball staff/coaches use the specific methods taught at each camp?

Yes. Unlike other camps that routinely hire any local coaches working for minimum wage, regardless of experience level or coaching record, the Pivotal network of coaches are already trained in the Pivotal Methods being taught, use them to gain success on the court, and specialize in post play.

Will I feel lost in the crowd at a Pivotal Basketball camp?

No. Pivotal Basketball camps are limited to 48 players a session so that Coach Mueller has an opportunity to work with each player. An 8 to 1 player to coach ration gives you the max repetition and the most attention possible.

Why are Pivotal Camps better than university camps?

As kids, the Pivotal staff attended large university camps. Then, we worked at many of them over the years. What we learned is the majority herd mass quantities of players through the camp like sheep in order to capitalize on the income from school recognition. This comes at the expense of campers receiving proper personal attention. They bring in 10-12 campers for every one coach. They routinely hire any local coaches working for minimum wage, regardless of experience level or coaching record. Also, it’s not their head coach or even their top assistant coaches doing the teaching. A campers are lucky if the head coach puts in a few appearances.

At Pivotal basketball we staff each of our camps with coaches who are already trained in the Pivotal Methods being taught. They’re true believers in the instruction, and our campers benefit from being trained by the Pivotal network of coaches that specialize in training up only post players. If you want to go to camp at that large university because you want to see their locker room or get an autograph from one of their players, by all means go. But if you’re looking for the highest quality post play instruction, more repetitions, and more personal attention, adjust your course and head toward Pivotal Basketball.

Why is dedicated post play instruction so important?

Most basketball coaches come from a perimeter background. As a result, most posts use their height for setting screens and rebounding. Pivotal Basketball is dedicated to post play instruction that has the ability to offer effective techniques that can transform an average player into a record holder.

In addition to basketball post play instruction, what other values do you teach?

The cornerstone teachings of Pivotal Basketball start with life skills contributing to success on and off the court. These include: casting a life vision, goal-setting, responsibility, dedication to priorities, and perseverance.

What basic results can I expect by using/participating in Pivotal Basketball instruction?

One of our former players may have said it best after she played her first game for UIW and called home to mom. She said, “I’ve never gotten open so much in my life!” You’re going to leave Pivotal with newfound confidence; knowing how to get the best position possible, how to keep that position longer, how to score simply, and how to get to the foul line more often. The funny thing about basketball is the more you touch the ball, the more you enjoy it!

What are the age ranges appropriate for Pivotal Basketball instruction?

Incoming 8th-grade, high school, and college student athletes.

Is Pivotal instruction suitable for both guys and girls?

Absolutely. During live play we separate by gender.

What is Coach Christian Mueller's Expertise?

Coach Mueller does one thing: He trains post players well. Don’t take our word for it. Read what former players, coaches, parents, and campers say.

Pound for pound, how does Pivotal Basketball stack up against other post play instructional institutions?

With Pivotal Basketball, you'll get the biggest Return On Investment in points scored, field goal percentage, more trips to the foul line, and ability to finish plays.

What are the innate qualities a post player must possess to be successful in the Pivotal Basketball system?

You must be a competitor who's eager to learn.

How does the rest of a basketball team benefit from better post play?

When the sea rises, we all rise. Good inside makes good outside. Coach Mueller’s teams have set school records for three pointers as well as having excellent post play in large part to the posts being so effective.

What is a typical Pivotal Basketball Camp ‘Player to Coach Ratio’?

8 to 1